escape room lab event
Gerecht Lab Photo
December 2022 Lab Dinner
Travis at BMES
Dimitris at BMES
Danielle at BMES
Taylor at BMES
YingYu at BMES
Group Dinner at BMES
Claudia, Emma, and Emily in front of Duke Chapel
Lab members on lab scooter
Travis, Eugenia, Jane, and YingYu
Travis and Eugenia
Eugenia Smiling
Eugenia Volkova and Sharon Gerecht
Photo of Lab Members - June 2022
Danielle and Taylor Posing in front of Duke Chapel
From Left: Taylor, Dr. Gerecht, Dr. Volkova, Danielle, and YingYu
Lab members
Taylor looking through a microscope.
Dafu looking at a sample.
Student displaying a certificate at a conference.
Two people with decorative pieces standing together.
Photo of lab members in the woods.
Sharon and graduate students standing together.
Two people smiling.
Photo of lab members in a cafe.