Photo of Lab Members - June 2022
Travis, Eugenia, Jane, and YingYu
Travis and Eugenia
Eugenia Smiling
Danielle and Taylor Posing in front of Duke Chapel
Eugenia Volkova and Sharon Gerecht
From Left: Taylor, Dr. Gerecht, Dr. Volkova, Danielle, and YingYu
Lab members
Dafu looking at a sample.
Taylor looking through a microscope.
Taylor and Dafu sitting and talking in front of a photo.
Two people smiling.
Two students chatting in front of a poster.
Student displaying a certificate at a conference.
Two people with decorative pieces standing together.
Photo of lab members in the woods.
Sharon and graduate students standing together.
Photo of lab members in a cafe.
Sharon and a student looking at cells.
Sharon and a postdoc looking at samples.