People – Dimitris Ntekoumes

Dimitris Ntekoumes

Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

I am interested in exploring the mechanisms by which endothelial cells respond to rapid hypoxia using 3D hydrogel systems.

Selected Publications

Ntekoumes D and Gerecht S. Tissue engineering approaches to uncover therapeutic targets for endothelial dysfunction in pathological microenvironments. Int Jour Mol Sci. 2022; 23(13)7416

Schnellmann R, Ntekoumes D, Choudhury MI, Sun S, Wei Z, and Gerecht S. Stiffening matrix induces age-mediated microvascular phenotype through increased cell contractility and destabilization of adherens junctions. Sci Adv. 2022; e2201483

Blatchley MR, Hall F, Ntekoumes D, Cho H, Kailash V, Vazquez-Duhalt R, and Gerecht S. Discretizing three-dimensional oxygen gradients to modulate and investigate cellular processes. Advanced Science. 2021; 8(14)2100190

Rizzi A, Jensen T, Slochower DR, Aldeghi M, Gapsys V, Ntekoumes D, Bosiso S, Papdourakis M, Henriksen NM, De Groot BL, and Cournia Z. The SAMPL6 SAMPLing challenge: assessing the reliability and efficiency of binding free energy calculations. Jour Comp-Aid Mol Des. 2020; 34(5)601-633


Onassis Foundation Scholarship for PhD Studies in the US (2020-2023)