People – YingYu Lin

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Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

I am interested in developing treatment for diabetic retinopathy by engineering and characterizing hiPSC-derived retinal endothelial cells.

Selected Publications

Macklin BL, Lin YY, Emmerich K, Wisniewski E, Polster BM, Konstantopoulos K, Mumm JS, and Gerecht S. Intrinsic epigenetic control of angiogenesis in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelium regulates vascular regeneration. npj Regenerative Medicine. 2022; 7(28)

Jamieson J, Lin YY, Malloy N, Soto D, Searson P, and Gerecht S. Hypoxia-induced blood-brain barrier dysfunction is prevented by pericyte-conditioned media via attenuated actomyosin contractility and claudin-5 stabilization. The FASEB Journal. 2022; 36(5)e22331

Nguyen J, Lin YY, and Gerecht S. The next generation of endothelial differentiation: tissue-specific ECs. Cell Stem Cell. 2021; 28(7)1188-1204

Cho H, Macklin B, Lin YY, Zhou L, Lai M, Lee G, Gerecht S, and Duh EJ. iPSC-derived endothelial cell response to hypoxia via SDF1a-CXCR4 axis facilitates incorporation to revascularize the retina. JCI Insight. 2020; 5(6)e131828


Taiwan-WSE Fellowship