People – YingYu Lin

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Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

I am interested in developing treatment for diabetic retinopathy by engineering and characterizing hiPSC-derived retinal endothelial cells.

Selected Publications

Jamieson J, Lin YY, Malloy N, Soto D, Searson P, and Gerecht S. Hypoxia-induced blood-brain barrier dysfunction is prevented by pericyte-conditioned media via attenuated actomyosin contractility and claudin-5 stabilization. The FASEB Journal. 2022; 36(5)e22331

Nguyen J, Lin YY, and Gerecht S. The next generation of endothelial differentiation: tissue-specific ECs. Cell Stem Cell. 2021; 28(7)1188-1204

Cho H, Macklin B, Lin YY, Zhou L, Lai M, Lee G, Gerecht S, and Duh EJ. iPSC-derived endothelial cell response to hypoxia via SDF1a-CXCR4 axis facilitates incorporation to revascularize the retina. JCI Insight. 2020; 5(6)e131828

Wu CC, Wu DW, Lin YY, Lin PL, and Lee H. Hepatitis B virus X protein repressed LKB1 expression to promote tumor progression and poor postoperative outcome in hepatocellular carcinoma. Surgery. 2018; 163(5)1040-1046


Taiwan-WSE Fellowship