People – Marcos Negrete

Duke University

Research Interests

I am interested in tissue-engineered vascular grafts and patient-derived cancer organoids as potential platforms for disease modeling.

Selected Publications

Negrete M*, Tung KL*, Chen KY*, Chen T, Safe A, Aljamal AA, Song L, Crawford GE, Ding S, Hsu DS, and Shen X. Integrated chromatin and transcriptomic profiling of patient-derived colon cancer organoids identifies personalized drug targets to overcome oxaliplatin resistance. Genes & Diseases Journal. 2021; 8(2)203-214 *Denotes co-first author

Wang L, Wang E, Prado-Balcazar J, Wu Z, Xiang K, Wang Y, Huang Q, Negrete M, Chen KY, Li W, Fu Y, Dohlman A, Mines R, Zhang L, Kobayashi Y, Chen T, Shi G, Shen JP, Kopertz S, Tata PR, Gersbach C, Crawford G, Hsu DS, Huang E, Bu P, and Shen X. Chromatin remodeling of colorectal cancer liver metastasis is mediated by an HGFPU.1-DPP4 axis. Adv Sci Jour. 2021; 8(19)2004673

Huang Q, Cohen MA, Alsina FC, Devlin G, Garrett A, McKey J, Havlik P, Rakhilin N, Wang E, Xiang K, Matthews P, Wang L, Bock C, Ruthig V, Wang Y, Negrete M, Wong CW, Murthy PKL, Zhang S, Daniel AR, Kirsh DG, Kang Y, Capel B, Asokan A, Silver DL, Jaenisch R, and Shen X. Intravital imaging of mouse embryos. Science Magazine. 2020; 368(6487)181-186

Sirven MA, Negrete M, and Talcott S. Tannase improves gallic acid bioaccessibility and maintains the quality of mango juice. Int Jour Food Sci & Tech. 2015; 54(5)1523-1529


William M. "Monty" Reichert Fellow