People – Ya Guan

Ya Guan

Duke University

Research Interests

I am exploring extracellular matrix-immune cell interactions and how matrix properties regulate immune cell-endothelial cell crosstalk.

Selected Publications

Guan Y, Niu H, Liu Z, Dang Y, Shen J, Zayed M, Ma L, and Guan J. Sustained oxygenation accelerates diabetic wound healing by promoting epithelialization and angiogenesis and decreasing inflammation. Sci Advl. 2021; 7(35):eabj0153

Guan Y, Gao N, Niu H, Dang Y, and Guan J. Oxygen-releasing microspheres capable of releasing oxygen in response to environmental oxygen level to improve stem cell survival and tissue regeneration in ischemic hindlimbs. J Control Release. 2021; 331:376-389

Niu H, Li H, Guan Y, Zhou X, Li Z, Zhao SL, Chen P, Tan T, Zhu H, Bergall V, Xu X, Ma J, and Guan J. Sustained delivery of rhMG53 promotes diabetic wound healing and hair follicle development. Bioact Mater. 2022; 18:104-115