People – Franklyn Hall

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Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

The goal of my project is to differentiate patient-derived Marfan (MFS) iPSCs into vascular smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells to study the underlying roles of fluid forces on disease progression.

Selected Publications

Blatchley MR, Hall F, Ntekoumes D, Cho H, Kailish V, Vazquez-Duhault R, and Gerecht S. Discretizing three-dimensional oxygen gradients to modulate and investigate cellular processes. Advanced Science. 2021; 8(14)2100190

Blatchley MR, Hall F, Wang S, Pruitt H, and Gerecht S. Hypoxia and matrix viscoelasticity sequentially regulate endothelial progenitor cluster-based vasculogenesis. Science Adv. 2019; 5(3)eaau7518


HHMI Gilliams Fellow

F31 Fellow