People – Taylor Chavez

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Duke University

Research Interests

I am exploring and characterizing sex-specific differences in the cardiovascular system by utilizing human induced pluripotent stem cells to engineer sex-specific 3D vasculature.

Selected Publications

Park J, Chavez T, Guistwhite J, Gwon S, Frommer W, and Cheung L. Development and quantitative analysis of a biosensor based on the Arabidopsis SWEET1 sugar transporter. PNAS. 2022; 119(4)e2119183119

Aranda-Diaz A, Ng K, Thomsen T, Real-Ramirez I, Dahan D, Dittmar S, Chavez T, Yu FB, Higginbottom S, Neff N, Sonnenburg J, and Huang KC. Establishment and characterization of stable, diverse, fecal-derived in vitro microbial communities that model the intestinal microbiota. Cell Host & Microbe. 2022; s1931-3128(21)00579-5

Fralish Z, Lotz E, Chavez T, Khodabukus A, and Bursac N. Neuromuscular Development and Disease: Learning from in vitro and in vivo Models. Front Cell and Dev Biol. 2021; 9:764732


NSF GRFP 2022 Awardee

NIH T32 Fellow in the Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering

Stanford University El Centro Chicano y Latino Senior Award for Academic Excellence

Stanford University El Centro Chicano y Latino Award for Academic Excellence